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Thursday, August 14 • 17:00 - 19:00
Posters: Optical Properties of Heterostructures (Akahane-Liu)

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[E8] Kouichi Akahane

Polarization Control for InAs Quantum Dot Edge Emission in Highly Stacked Structure with Strain Compensation Technique
Co-authors: Naokatsu Yamamoto, Toshimasa Umezawa, Tetsuya Kawanishi

[E9] Lev Avakyants
Estimation of the Lifetime of Nonequilibrium Carriers in Delta-Doped GaAs by Photoreflectance
Co-authors: Pavel Bokov, Anatoly Chervyakov, Galib Galiev, Evgeny Klimov, Igor Lyalin, Ivan Vasilevskii

[E10] Lev Avakyants
Electroreflectance from Multiple InGaN/GaN Quantum Wells: Interference Effects
Co-authors: Artem Aslanyan, Pavel Bokov, Anatoly Chervyakov, Kirill Polozhentsev

[F1] M.A.G Balanta
Electronic Coupling Between InGaAs Quantum Wells & Mn-delta Doping Layers
Co-authors: M.J.S.P Brasil, F. Iikawa, Udson. C. Mendes, J.A. Brum, Yu.A. Danilov, M. V. Dorokhin, O.V. Vikhrova, B.N. Zvonkov

[F2] Steffen Bieker
Excitonic Butterflies in Ultrapure Bulk GaAs
Co-authors: Tobias Henn, Tobias Kiessling, Wolfgang Ossau, Laurens W. Molenkamp

[F3] Ekaterina Chernysheva
Electric Field Dependent Fine-Structure Splitting in Single InAs/AlAs Quantum Dots
Co-authors: Snezana Lazic, Herko van der Meulen, Jose Manuel Calleja, Klaus Pierz

[F4] Eronides da Silva Jr.

Study of Optical & Electronic Properties in DMS Superlattices Based on Group III - V 
Co-authors: Jandrews Gomes, Sara Rodrigues, Guilherme Sipahi

[F5] Martin O. Eriksson

The Charged Exciton in an InGaN Pyramidal Quantum Dot Observed by Micro-Photoluminescence Spectroscopy
Co-authors: Chih-Wei Hsu, Anders Lundskog, Karl Fredrik Karlsson, Peder Bergman, Erik Janzén, Per Olof Holtz

[F6] Markus Fehrenbacher
Near-Field Investigation of a Plasmonic GaAs Superlens
Co-authors: Stephan Winnerl, Harald Schneider, Jonathan Döring, Susanne Kehr, Lukas M. Eng, Yongheng Huo, Oliver G. Schmidt, Kan Yao, Yongmin Liu, Manfred Helm

[F7] Fabio Aparecido Ferri
Study of Mn Incorporation in InAs Quantum Dots Fabricated by Low-Temperature Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Co-authors: Mourad Benamara, Gregoty Salamo, Marcio Teodoro, Euclydes Marega Junior

[F8] Jateen Gandhi
Lattice Strain Modulation of Optical Behavior in Epitaxial Quantum-dot p-i-n Structures
Co-authors: Anton Malko, Choong-Un Kim, Wiley Kirk

[F9] Manus Hayne
Optically-Induced Charging & Discharging of GaSb/GaAs Quantum Dots & Rings
Co-authors: Peter D. Hodgson, Robert J. Young, Mazliana Ahmad Kamarudin, Peter J. Carrington, Anthony Krier, Qiandong Zhuang

[G1] Isaac Hernández-Calderón
Study of the Coupling/Uncoupling of Ultra-Thin CdSe Double Quantum Wells
Co-authors: Jose-Antonio Lorenzo-Andrade, Frantisek Sutara

[G2] Isaac Hernández-Calderón 
Thermal Treatment Effects on the Excitonic Emission of Layer-by-Layer Grown ZnCdSe/ZnSe Quantum Wells
Co-authors: Miguel U. Salazar-Tovar, Frantisek Sutara

[F10] Arturo Hernández-Hernández
Synthesis of Visible Light Emitting Self Assembled SiGe Alloy Nanoparticles Formed by Co-Sputtering of Si, Ge
Co-authors: Luis A. Hernández-Hernández, Francisco De Moure-Flores, Jose G. Quiñones-Galván, Miguel Meléndez-Lira

[G3] Kurt Hingerl
Bulk Dipole Contribution to Second Harmonic Generation in Diamond Lattices Due to Spatial Dispersion Oxide 
Co-authors: Hendradi Hardhienata, David Stifter

[G4] Per Olof Holtz
Polarization Controlled Light Emission from Nitride Pyramidal Quantum Dots
Co-authors: ChihWei Hsu, Anders Lundskog, Martin Eriksson, Fredrik Karlsson, Urban Forsberg, Erik Janzen

[G5] Yasutaka Imanaka
Shubnikov-de Haas Type Oscillation in Cyclotron Resonance of CdMnTe Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
Co-authors: Tomasz Wojtowicz, Grzegorz Karczewski

[G6] Andrew Jacobs
Coherent Phonon Control via Fano-like Resonance in a Quantum Dot Molecule
Co-authors: Cameron Jennings, Mark Kerfoot, Alexander Govorov, Michael Scheibner

[G7] Gwénolé Jacopin
The Mott-Transition in Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Quantum Wells: A Temperature Dependent Study 
Co-authors: Georg Rossbach, Jacques Levrat, Mehran Shahmohammadi, Jean-François Carlin, Jean-Daniel GanièreRaphaël ButtéBenoit DeveaudNicolas Grandjean

[G8] Vishal Jain
Large Area Photodetectors at 1.3/1.55 _m Based on InP/InAsP NWs
Co-authors: Magnus Heurlin, Ali Nowzari, David Lindgren, Magnus Borgstöm, Federico Capasso, Lars Samuelson, Håkan Pettersson

[G9] Fredrik Karlsson
Unpaired Holes Reveal Quantum Dot Asymmetry
Co-authors: Daniel Dufåker, Lorenzo Mereni, Valeria Dimastrodonato, Gediminas Yuska, Emanuele Pelucchi, Per-Olof Holtz

[G10] Fredrik Karlsson
III-Nitride Quantum Dots for Photon Emission with Controlled Polarization Switching
Co-authors: Supaluck Amloy, Per Olof Holtz

[H1] Tomasz Kazimierczuk
Rydberg Excitons in Cuprous Oxide
Co-authors: Dietmar Fröhlich, Stefan Scheel, Heinrich Stolz, Manfred Bayer

[H2] Luis Felipe Lastras-Martinez
Macro & Micro Reflectance Difference Spectroscopy of Heterostructures: A Powerful Tool for the Characterization of Wurtzite Thin Films
Co-authors: Nicolas Antonio Ulloa-Castillo, Rafael Herrera-Jasso, Raul Eduardo Balderas-Navarro, Alfonso Lastras-Martinez

[H3] Gabriel Linares-Garcia
Study of Optical Properties of InAs/GaAs Quantum Rings in the Framework of kp Theory
Co-authors: Samar Alsolamy, Morgan Ware, Yuruy I. Mazur, Zhiming Wang, Jihoon Lee, Greg Salomo, Eric Stinaff, Lilia Meza-Montes

[H4] Fang Liu
Time Resolved Photocurrent Spectra of GaxIn1-xP-GaAs Double-Junction Solar Cells 
Co-authors: Zhuo Deng, Jiqiang Ning, S.J. Xu

[H5] Xiangming Liu
Multi-Exciton Binding in Droplet Epitaxially Grown InAs/ InP (111)A Quantum Dots at Telecommunication Wavelengths
Co-authors: Neul Ha, Takashi Kuroda, Takaaki Mano, Yoshiki Sakuma, Kazuaki Sakoda

Thursday August 14, 2014 17:00 - 19:00
Room EFG

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