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Tuesday, August 12 • 17:00 - 19:00
Posters: Transport in Heterostructures

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[M3] Zlatan Aksamija
Phonon Thermal Transport in SiGe-Based Nanocomposites for Thermoelectric Applications
Co-authors: N/A

[M4] Alex Aparecido Ferreira
Effect of the Scattering of Electrons on the Variable Range Hopping Electrical Conduction
Co-authors: N/A

[M5] Thomas Arend
Terahertz Electromodulation Spectroscopy of Carrier Transport
Co-authors: Stefan Engelbrecht, Roland Kersting

[M6] Bekele Badada
Probing Excitonic Transitions in Photosensitive Single Quantum Well Tube Nanowire Devices at Low Temperatures 
Co-authors: Teng Shi, Howard Jackson, Leigh Smith, Jan Yarrison-Rice, Nian Jiang, Qiang Gao, H. Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish

[M7] Andreas Betz
High-Frequency Characterization of Thermionic Charge Transport in Silicon-on-Insulator Nanowire Transistors 
Co-authors: Quentin Wilmart, Bernard Placais, Sylvain Barraud, Xavier Jehl, Marc Sanquer, M. Fernando Gonzales-Zalba 

[M8] Guo-an Cheng
Thermoelectric Properties of Porous Silicon Nanowire Arrays
Co-authors: Ting Zhang, Rui-ting Zheng, Xiao- ling Wu

[M9] Boya Cui
Fourier-Domain Mobility Spectrum Analysis (FDMSA) of Type II InAs/GaSb Superlattice with Mixed Electron & Hole Conduction 
Co-authors: Yang Tang, C. Charpentier, C. Reichl, L. Tiemann, W. Wegscheider, M. Grayson

[M10] Nadine Erhard 
Ultrafast Photocurrents in Graded InGaN Nanowires with High Internal Electric Fields 
Co-authors: A.T.M. Golam Sawar, Stefan Zenger, Helmut Karl, Roberto C. Myers, Alexander W. Holleitner

[N1] Saskia Fischer
Noise Thermometry in Narrow Two-Dimensional Electron Gas Heat Baths Connected to a Quasi-One-Dimensional Interferometer
Co-authors: Christian Riha, Sven Buchholz, Olivio Chiatti, Dirk Reuter, Andreas Wieck, Elmar Sternemann

[N2] Fernando Iikawa
Optical Phonon Modulation by Surface Acoustic Waves
Co-authors: Alberto Hernández-Mínguez, Manfred Ramsteiner, Paulo Ventura Santos

[N3] Jesus Inarrea 
Theoretical Approach to Giant Negative Magnetoresistance in Ultra-High-Mobility 2D Electron Systems 
Co-authors: N/A

[N4] Jesus Inarrea 
Re-Emission of Radiation from Photo Excited 2DES
Co-authors: N/A

[N5] Norihisa Ishida 
DC Field Response of Highly Accelerated Hot Carriers Under Circularly Polarized Intense Microwave Fields & Magnetic Fields in Quantum Wells 
Co-authors: N/A

[N6] V. Kochelap 
Electric Current & Noise in Long AlGaN/GaN Nanowires Under Space-Charge-Limited Transport 
Co-authors: Svetlana Vitusevich, M Petrychuk, V Sydoruk, A. Belyaev, H Hardtdegen, Th Schäpers

[N7] Monika Kotzian 
Two-Path Transport Measurements on a Triple Quantum Dot 
Co-authors: Maximilian C. Rogge, Rolf J. Haug

[N8] Hauke Lehmann 
Electrical Characterization of Colloidal CdSe-Pt Hybrid Nanoparticles 
Co-authors: Michaela Meyns, Christian Klinke

[N9] Valeria Liverini 
Resonance Effects in Injection from QW to Quantum Dashes by Magneto-Tunneling in RTD 
Co-authors: Gian Lorenzo Paravicini Bagliani, Valeria Liverini, Federico Valmorra, Giacomo Scalari, Laurant Nevou, Keita Otani, Matthias Beck, Fabian Gramm, Jérôme Faist

[N10] Christopher Morrison 
Transport Properties of Intentionally Undoped Ge Quantum Well Heterostructures
Co-authors: Maksym Myronov. Jamie Foronda, Stephen Rhead, David Leadley

[O1] Maksym Myronov 
Revealing Groundbreaking Room Temperature 2DHG Mobility in a Strained Germanium Quantum Well 
Co-authors: Christopher Morrison, John Halpin, Stephen Rhead, David Leadley

[O2] Gustav Nylund 
Towards Nanowire-Based One-Dimensional Electron Ratchets 
Co-authors: Sebastian Lehmann, Kristian Storm, Lars Samuelson

[O3] Kevin S. Olsson 
Combined Raman & Brillouin Light Scattering Spectra as Temperature Sensors for Optical & Acoustic Phonons in Silicon 
Co-authors: Nikita Klimovich, Kyongmo An, Sean Sullivan, Annie Weathers, Li Shi, Xiaoqin Li

[O4] Mariama Rebello Sousa Dias 
Phase Time Transport Properties in Strained Twin-Plane Nanowires
Co-authors: Leonardo K. Castelano, Victor Lopez-Richard, Leovildo L. Diago-Cisneros, Gilmar E. Marques

[O5] R. R. Rey-González
Electronic Current through Disordered DNA Segments. A Theoretical Approach
Co-author: Carlos A. Plazas 

[O6] Stefan Riedi 
Optimizing Cleaved Edge Overgrowth for Quantum Wire Fabrication 
Co-authors: Adrian Maier, Christian Reichl, Stefan Fält, Werner Wegscheider

[O7] Stefano Roddaro 
Scanning Gate Imaging of the 0.7 Anomaly 
Co-authors: Andrea Iagallo, Nicola Paradiso, Christian Reichl, Werner Wegscheider, Giorgio Biasiol, Lucia Sorba, Fabio Beltram, Stefan Heun

[O8] Sergey Rudin 
Ultimate Bandwidth of High Electron Mobility Transistors
Co-authors: Greg Rupper, Michael Shur

[O9] A. Sachenko
A Novel Mechanism for Ensuring the Ohmicity of Contacts to n-InP & n-GaAs over a Wide Range of Temperatures down to Helium One: Experiment & Theory
Co-authors: A Belyaev, N Boltovets, Svetlana Vitusevich, R Konakova, S. Novitskii, V Sheremet

[O10] Heping Shen 
Study of Energetic Alignment in TiO2/SnS Quantum Dot Heterojunction & Its Application in Solar Cells 
Co-authors: Yoshiaki Oda, Jianbao Li, Mitsumasa Iwamoto, Hong Lin

[P1] Yanbing Shi 
Nonequilibrium Phonon Effects on Electron Transport in Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers
Co-authors: Irena Knezevic

[P2] Kiran Shrestha
Electrical Transport & Structural Properties of p-type Amorphous Silicon Thin Films
Co-authors: Chris Littler, Vincent Lopes, Athanasios J. Syllaios

[P3] Fabricio M. Souza 
Nonequilibrium Transport in a Quantum Dot Attached to a Majorana Bound State 
Co-authors: Shirsley Silva, Jordan Del Nero, Antonio Seridonio

[P4] Ratnakar Vaidya 
Piezoelectric & Spontaneous Polarization Fields & Thermoelectric Power of III-Nitride Heterostructures 
Co-authors: Nandkumar Sankeshwar, Basavraj Mulimani

[P5] Xiao-Tao Xie
Effects of Excitation Frequency on the Plateau of High-Order Terahertz Sideband in Semiconductors
Co-authors: Ren-Bao Liu

[P6] Jong-Hyuk Yim 
Polarized & Phase Controlled Terahertz Emission from InAsP Nanowire Schottky Diode
Co-authors: Jeongwoo Hwang, Kyoung-Gu Min, Hyeong-Yong Hwang, Jae Cheol Shin, Young-Dahl Jho 

[P7] Gwangsu Yoo
Negative-$U$ Charge Kondo Effect in a Triple Quantum Dot
Co-authors: Jinhong Park, S.-S. B. Lee, H.-S. Sim

[P8] C.L Yu 
Electron & Hole Transport in an InSb Nanowire Quantum Dot Coupled to Nb Contacts ooo
Co-authors: M.T Deng, P. Caroff, H.Q Xu

Tuesday August 12, 2014 17:00 - 19:00
Room EFG

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