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Tuesday, August 12 • 17:00 - 19:00
Posters: Two Dimensional Systems Beyond Graphene

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[P9] Rostislav Doganov 

Mechanical & Electronic Transport Properties of Exfoliated Black Phosphorus in Ambient Conditions
Co-authors: Steven P. Koenig, Hennrik Schmidt, Barbaros Oezyilmaz

[P10] Mustafa Eginligil
Photocurrent Studies of Excitons in Monolayer Molybdenum Disulphide Phototransistors by Light Polarization
Co-authors: Bingchen Cao, Xianon Shen, Zilong Wang, Cesare Soci, Ting Yu

[Q1] Andrei Kudriavtcev
Quantum Point Contact Formation in Breakdown Regime of Silicon Nanostructures
Co-authors: Nikolay Bagraev, Leonid Klyachkin, Anna Malyarenko, Eduard Danilovskii

[Q2] Jae-Ung Lee

Thickness & Resonance Effects on Raman Spectra of MoS2 Thin Films
Co-authors: Jaesung Park, Hyeonsik Cheong

[Q3] Nan Ma
Carrier Statistics & Charge Transport in 2D Crystal Semiconductors
Co-author: Debdeep Jena

[Q4] Jacek Majewski
The Properties of 2D Graphene-BN System Studied by First-Principle Calculations
Co-authors: Nevill Gonzalez Szwacki 

[Q5] Shin Mou
Raman & AFM Studies on Chemically Synthesized MoS2
Co-authors: Don Abeysinghe, Joshua Myers, Lawrence Grazulis, Elizabeth Moore, Donald Dorsey, Yan Zhuang, Lain-Jong Li

[Q6] Doron Naveh
Tuning of Electronic Properties in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Layers 
Co-authors: Moshe Kirshner

[Q7] Eric Parzinger
Inelastic Light Scattering & Optoelectronic Properties of MoS2 
Co-authors: Bastian Miller, Marina Hoheneder, Alexander Holleitner, Ursula Wurstbauer

[Q8] Laurent Pedesseau
Dielectric Profiles & Exciton Confinement in Colloidal Nanoscale Platelets of CdSe
Co-authors: Jacky Even, Nikolay Gippius, Ramzi Benchamekh, M. Nestoklon, Jean-Marc Jancu, Benoit Dubertret, A. Efros, Paul Voisin

[Q9] Angela Rojas-Cuervo 
Asymmetric Dirac Cones in Monatomic Hexagonal Lattices. A DFT Study
Co-authors: K M Fonsecas Romero, R. R. Rey-González

[Q10] Angela Rojas-Cuervo 
Is There a New Band-Gap Engineering Using III-V Compounds? An ab Initio Study
Co-author: Rafael Rey-Gonzalez

[R1] Alexey Suslov
Effect of In-Plane Magnetic Field on the Cyclotron Mass & G-Factor in p-SiGe/Ge/SiGe
Co-authors: Irina Drichko, Vitaly Malysh, Ivan Smirnov, Leonid Golub, Sergey Tarasenko, Oleg Mironov, Matthias Kummer, Hans von Känel

[R2] Maxim Trushin
Charge Transport in Two Dimensions Limited by Strong Short-Range Scatterers: Going Beyond Parabolic Dispersion & Born Approximation
Co-authors: Janik Kailasvuori, Bretislav Sopik

[R3] Amithraj Valsaraj
DFT Study of the Effect of HfO2 on Monolayer MoS2
Co-authors: Jiwon Chang, Leonard Frank Register, Sanjay Kumar Banerjee

[R4] Zhong Wan
Induced Superconductivity in High Mobility 2D Electron Gas in GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures
Co-authors: Michael Manfra, Loren Pfeiffer, Ken West, Leonid Rokhinson

[R5] Kaiyou Wang
Strong Enhancement of Photodetectors Based on Two Dimensional Materials GaSe 
Co-authors: YuFei Cao, Kaiming Cai, Xinhui Zhangpingan Hu

[R6] Darshana Wickramaratne
Bulk to Monolayer Thermoelectric Properties of Semiconducting Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Co-authors: Ferdows Zahid, Roger K Lake

[R7] Andrey Zabolotnykh
Microwave Response of 2D Electron System Due to Bernstein Magnetoplasma Modes
Co-author: Vladimir Volkov

[R8] Xinhui Zhang
Photoluminescence Emission & Exciton Dynamics in Monolayer WSe2
Co-authors: Kaiming Cai, Xinhui Zhang, Pingan Hu, Kaiyou Wang 

[R9] Sergio Ulloa
RKKY interaction in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Co-authors: Diego Mastrogiuseppe, Nancy Sandler

Tuesday August 12, 2014 17:00 - 19:00
Room EFG

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